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Optimal. That’s the Funandgo in a word. Whether on your daily commute or a weekend adventure, the Funandgo provides optimal comfort, reliability and protection in a multi-use helmet.
In-mould construction provides durability, hypoallergenic internal padding creates a comfortable buffer between head and helmet, and the adjustable Safe-T Twist fit system is an easy as pie one- hand adjustment for helmet fit perfection.
Sized up to 61cm with a built-in anti-insect netting, and newly available in size small, we once again come back to that word.
In the world of leisure riding, Funandgo is most definitely optimal.

Met Funandgo

  S UN
A cm 52/57 54/61
  S UN
CE 270 gr 290 gr
AS/NZ 270 gr 290 gr
US 270 gr 290 gr


Outer shell construction In-Mould
Inner shell Shock absorbing polystyrene
Chin strap buckle Anti-pinch buckle
Straps and Divider Anti-slip cam divider
Fit system Safe-T Twist 2
Visor Removable visor
Comfort Anti-allergenic interior padding. Hand washable
Be seen Reflective rear stickers
Accessories In-moulded anti-insect net
Certifications CE, AS/NZ, US


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